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A Personal Journey Through Religion

As the sun brushes its first light across the horizon and I sip my morning coffee, I’m filled with the profound sense of wonder that has drawn me to study religion for the past two decades. In this post, I invite you to join me on my journey, my quest for understanding and connection that weaves through the diverse tapestry of belief systems across our world.

About Us

I was born into a traditionally Christian household. I remember sitting in the old wooden pews of our local church, the smell of old hymn books and the echo of our pastor’s voice as he preached about love, forgiveness, and salvation. However, as I grew older, I felt an insatiable curiosity that couldn’t be quieted. The questions bubbled up like a spring, relentless and ever-flowing: Who is God? Are there many gods or just one? Is there a divine force at all?

In my early twenties, I set out on a journey to find these answers, not just within the confines of Christianity, but by exploring the world’s myriad faiths. I sought to understand what we, as a collective of human beings, believe in, and why.

During a trip to India, I was drawn towards Hinduism with its vibrant rituals and its pantheon of deities representing various aspects of life and the universe. The belief in karma, the law of cause and effect, and the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth fascinated me. It was so starkly different from the linear perception of life and afterlife I was accustomed to.

My journey then led me to the Middle East, the cradle of three major monotheistic religions. I remember standing by the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, observing Jewish believers deeply engaged in prayer, their bodies swaying rhythmically. I was struck by their profound connection with a tradition dating back thousands of years. And the echoes of the Islamic call to prayer, the Adhan, from a minaret in Istanbul brought tears to my eyes with its haunting beauty and the sense of peace it invoked.

About Us

As I delved into Buddhism in the monasteries of Southeast Asia, I found a different kind of spirituality, one less focused on deities and more on personal enlightenment, mindfulness, and the alleviation of suffering. It felt more like a philosophy, a way of life.

Of course, religion is not always a force for good. I’ve seen the dark side too, the way it can be used to justify harm and discrimination, to instill fear, to exert control. But at its heart, I believe religion seeks to answer our deepest questions and to create a sense of community and belonging.

Perhaps what has resonated with me most is the shared undercurrent of love, compassion, and a longing for connection that runs through all religions. Whether it’s the Christian message of “Love thy neighbor,” the Buddhist call to compassion, the Islamic emphasis on charity, or the Hindu principle of “Atithi Devo Bhava” meaning “The guest is God”, love and kindness form the backbone of these belief systems.

In this exploration, I’ve come to realize that my relationship with religion is less about finding concrete answers and more about embracing the questions and the quest. It’s about understanding the shared human need to make sense of the world, our lives, and our place in the universe.

In the grand scheme of things, I’m a tiny speck in the cosmos, yet the universe resides within me. It’s a paradox that brings me a sense of peace. I’m no longer the child searching for definitive answers. Instead, I find beauty and wisdom in the questions themselves. I find God, or the divine, not confined within the walls of a church, mosque, or temple, but

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